99 POINTS HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!Select the mathematical statement that is true.
A.22 % 2 > −3
B.22 % 2 < 5
C.22 % 2 == 4
D.22 % 2 != 1

This is for my python coding class thank you


Answer 1
Answer: ^ because 22 is even, it has a remained of 0

Answer 2


D. 22 % 2 != 1


Since 22 is even than it would have to stay 0.

Therefore, your only answer choice would be D.

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Access control lists (ACLs) are used to permit and deny traffic in an IP router.A. True
B. False



A. True


  • ACLs are the packet filters of the network. They may restrict, allow or deny traffic necessary for safety.
  • When setting rules for ACLs, all traffic flow depends on the point of view of the router's interface (not other networks).
  • ACL allows you to control the flow of packets for a single or group of IP addresses or for protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP and so on.
  • Invalid interface or accidental change of source / destination may adversely affect ACL network

_ is an important management tool that is used to monitor and manage that contract and/or project



Earned Value Management (Even)


Even is the best management tool for monitoring the performance of a project by emphasizing the planning and integration of program cost.

Describe how a web browser and web server work together to send a web page to a user


TCP/IP, a network protocol, is used by a browser to connect to a web server and launch a Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The HTTP tries to get info and provide it for displays.

What is a web page?

A web page is a straightforward document that a browser can see. These documents are created using the HTML coding system. Tsi involves the data and the content that can be presented online.

The consumer must either type in URL for the page they want to access via the web or click on the hyperlink that contains the URL.

The Ip identifies the Website browser's Web address, and for the Search engine to comprehend it, they must both utilize the very same normal procedure. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the preferred means of communication here between a web browser and a server (HTTP).

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In order to get a page from the web , the user must type the Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the page he or she wants, or click on the link that provides the URL. The URL specifies the Internet address of the Web browser to be understood by the Web browser, they must use the same standard protocol. The standard protocol for communication between Web browser and a Web server is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). 

Which of the following are common problems experienced with software applications? (choose all that apply)faulty microprocessor

missing DLL files

installation issues

configuration issues

applications running slowly

kernel panic

power cords not being plugged in


The common problems experienced with software applications will be missing DLL files, installation issues, configuration issues, applications running slowly, and kernel panic. Then the correct options are B, C, D, E, and F.

What are the common problems experienced with software applications?

Today's world depends heavily on technology. Technology now controls not just how businesses run but also how quickly many different sectors across the world are developing. The pace of technical development dictates the rate of development and company growth, leaving human progress and economic expansion at the whim of technology.

Some of the common problems are as follows:

  • Missing DLL files
  • Installation issues
  • Configuration issues
  • Applications running slowly
  • Kernel panic

The normal issues experienced with programming applications will be missing DLL documents, establishment issues, arrangement issues, applications running gradually, and part alarms. Then the right choices are B, C, D, E, and F.

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All but the top and bottom on edge 2020


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A firewall is either software or dedicated hardware that exists between the network and the resource being protected. this network security device monitors traffic to or from the network. It is based on set of rules about what data packets will be allowed to enter or leave a network.

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Default HTTP port is 80. This means that the server request is received on port 80. But default HTTP request is susceptible to interception. In order to prevent it, HTTP communication is secured using SSL encryption (HTTPS protocol). In this case the Url string begins with 'https://' which differentiates it from normal web request. The default port used for HTTPS service is 443 instead of 80.