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Question 3 guys please help I have no idea what - 1


Answer 1

female: XX male: XY Offspring: 25%

Answer 2

female: XX male: XY Offspring: 25%

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How does blood travel from your heart to your limbs, such as your arms and legs?
Natural selection is a common mechanism for proposing how evolution occurs. Which statements describe how natural selection works over time in a population within an ecosystem? Select ALL that apply.
during dna replication a complementary strand of dna is made for each original dna strand thus, if a portion of the original strand is CCTAGCT then the new strand is ___
The curling direction in snails is delayed a generation in its expression. The offspring of a snail are phenotypically the phenotype dictated by the genotype of the mother. Dextral curling (shell opens to the right) is dominant to sinistral curling (shell opens to the left). A cross between a homozygous sinistral female snail and a homozygous dextral male resulted in a sinistral female. If this F1 sinistral female is crossed to a homozygous sinistral male, what progeny phenotypes are expected?"
Bacteria and fungi are found in all ecosystems on earth answer

Use the following information to answer the following question below. Moss invades and establishes itself on bare rock, accumulating the beginnings of soil. After several years, enough soil has become established that grasses begin to grow where there was once bare rock. Without the moss building up soil, the grasses would have had no chance. The establishment of the mosses on bare rock and eventual addition of grasses represents intermediate succession. secondary succession. a climax ecosystem. primary succession.



Primary succession.


Ecological succession refers to the changes involved in the species structure of a community that is established in a particular habitat over time. The succession is of two types: the primary succession and secondary succession.

When the succession takes place on the barren land then succession is considered primary succession.

In the given question, the moss invades and colonizes the rocks and breaks them into the soil. Here the moss species is known as the pioneer species and since the moss grows on the barren rock, therefore, is considered the primary succession.

Thus, primary succession is correct.

In asexual reproduction, only one parent contributes to offspring. The offspring aregenetically identical to the parent and with one another. The process involves mitosis but not
meiosis. Describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction
compared to asexual reproduction.




Genetically Identical to the parent, mitosis,

Advantages: Fast and Efficient

Disadvantages: Lacks diversity

With sexual reproduction, you can have diversity it the offspring
With asexual reproduction, the offspring is an exact replica of the parent

One true-breeding line of mice is obese and dark and another is lean and light. Dark is dominant to light, but obese and lean exhibit incomplete dominance. What proportion of offspring from a dihybrid cross should be both dark and intermediate between obese and lean



6/16 Intermediate and dark ⇒ 2/16 OoDD + 4/16 OoDd


Due to technical problems, you will find the complete explanation in the attached files

What happens to a cell during INTERPHASE?


What happens to a cell during interphase is when Interphase refers to all stages of the cell cycle other than mitosis. During interphase, cellular organelles double in number, the DNA replicates, and protein synthesis occurs. The chromosomes are not visible and the DNA appears as uncoiled chromatin.
I think it is A or you can get google to help you find it by asking your teacher, parents or using google.

Which three layers of the sun make up the suns atmospherea - plasma, corona, convection zone
b - radiative zone, convection zone, core
c - core, convection zone, chromosphere
d - photosphere, chromosphere, corona


Sun's atmosphere consists photosphere, chromosphere, and corona. Hence option d is correct.

What are the three layers of the suns atmosphere?

Sun is divided into two parts internal sun and atmosphere. In sun's atmosphere, it consists photosphere- the visible surface of the sun,

chromosphere- it is the transition state between the photosphere and corona.

The outermost hot shell of the atmosphere is the corona, these there layers males the sun's atmosphere.

These three layers make the sun's atmosphere apart from its internal structure, core, radiation zone, and convection zone these are three interior layers of the sun.

Therefore option d corona, chromosphere, and photosphere are correct.

Learn more about the three layers of thesun's atmosphere, here:





Or  - radiative zone, convection zone, core

Maltase is an enzyme that breaks down maltose. If a maltose enzyme has just completed catalyzing the decomposition of maltose, then



There will be formation of products that are (two glucose molecules) simple sugars that joins to make up maltose; and the enzyme would not be affected as one of the property of an enzyme.


Maltase is the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of maltose to the simple sugars.

Maltose is a disaccharide that is formed by joining two glucose molecules therefore; the action of the enzyme maltase involves breaking it down to form two glucose molecules.

The enzyme is mostly found in plants, bacteria and yeast.